Tips For Sellers

  1. Start sorting your unwanted treasures (or clutter if you prefer!) well ahead of time to avoid forgetting items that are in the loft, shed or back of the garage.
  2. Try to start your sale on time, people may plan their route around the village and may not come back to your street if they find other interesting things elsewhere.
  3. Greet your customers as they arrive. It is polite and it identifies you as the proprietor of the sale.
  4. Take your cue from the customer on the amount of interaction they want. Some may be focussed solely on finding the bargains other people may be pleased to stop for a chat.
  5. Try and answer questions quickly, accurately and of course truthfully.
  6. Do not have a complicated pricing system, it isn’t necessary to price every item but some notices may be useful e.g. All paperbacks 50 pence.
  7. Customers will probably want to be left alone to browse.
  8. Depending on the weather you may want to set up a gazebo or have your sale in your garage if it happens to be raining.
  9. Have plenty of small change available and also a safe place to keep the money you receive.
  10. Have newspaper available to wrap breakables in and carrier bags for purchases.
  11. You will make more money on items that are clean, polished and washed, start preparing early.