Map / Catering Points

If the marker is in the wrong place email me the location it should be in I will move it for you, the map uses postcode to mark the address which may not be actually in the correct place

A List of Stalls with the Addresses is below Map with Items that will be sold. The Address numbers have been removed, but if you walk/Drive around the village then you will be sure to see a stall or two.

Map Here

Address Postcode Selling
Orchard Road CB24 9HL clothing, accessories, toys, bikes, books, baby equipment and kitchenware
Merton Road CB24 9JW Bric a Brac, Shed stuff, Cakes and biscuits for charity, Children’s toys, Skates, Possibly records and clothes
Barrowcrofts CB24 9EU Toys, games & Childres resources( From Childminding business)
South Road Cb24 9pn Children’s books and toys, Rugs and curtains, Car seats, Hamster cage and accessories, Children’s chair
Aingers Road CB24 9JP Baby/child equipment e.g. buggy and toys plus unwanted garage and household items
Impington Lane CB24 9LT Sports gear for children (approx age 8-10), Bike, Toys and games, DVDs, Household appliances
Aingers Road CB24 9JP  Mostly children’s toys
Clay close lane Cb24 9ne  Brick a Brac, Clothing, Furniture, Crockery, Sundry
Villa Road Cb24 9nz  House clearance items
Station Road CB249LQ Vintage, antique items, collectables, Glass, crockery, Bric a Brac, Household items, Costume jewellery, Accessories, scarves, bags, Books, CDs, DVD’s
Park Avenue CB24 9JU Strawberry runners, Kids toys and books, Massive Marbles (pick your own), Furniture, some ladies’ clothes
Hereward Close CB24 9LS Wide variety of baby and toddler toys – aged 0-3., Ball pit balls, Wooden high chair, Ornaments and decorative items, Coffee tables, breakfast bar stool, Ikea Kalax 4 & 16 hole storage units, Small white bookshelf units x 2, CD racks x 2, DVDs, CDs, books, Kitchen electricals (juicer and expresso machine), Dinner set.
Villa road Cb249nz Designer clothes, Vintage stuff  jewellery bicycle, Costume jewellery, Vintage tea sets
South Road CB24 9PB Children’s bikes (5 in total) to suit ages 4-13/14, Tae-Kwon-Do sparring kit and doboks (to fit height 130 cm and 150cm), logo-ed for Bruce Lapthorn School (BLTSA),     Mattmos lamp, Books for ages 9-13 (e.g Astrosours, Beast Quest), DVD home theatre player
Highfield Road Cb24 9pf Vintage, clothes, toys and brick a brac
Impington Lane CB24 9NJ Toys, Books, Household items, Bike, Scooter
Park lane CB24 9Jj Brick a Brac, Clothes, Children’s items
Impington Lane CB24 9NJ  Clothing adult and child, Household bric a brac, Toys, Books, Kitchenware
Station Road CB24 9NP Various household items
Orchard Road CB24 9JH selling children’s clothes, toys, bikes, scooters.
New School Road CB24 9LL Children’s toys, Children’s clothes Crockery, Glassware, Books, Etc
6 Cottenham Road cb24 9es Various
Villa road CB24 9NZ Various
The Salvation Army,  Impington Lane CB24 9LT Bacon, Sausage, Egg Rolls On Sale, Tea, Coffee and Refreshments, Various Stalls – In Aid of Church Funds
St Audrey Close CB24 9JY Various
Winders Lane CB24 9EZ Various
51 Narrow Lane CB24 9HD Various